I'm a graphic designer, candlemaker and stationery designer with a love for travel, the outdoors, and all things Scandinavian.

I was raised in Southern California most of my life and grew up celebrating my Norwegian American heritage with traditions passed down through my family.

I spent 10 years in corporate design but now love running my own design business and all the flexibility and unique challenges that come along with it.  



From a young age I always loved art and creating things with my hands.

Candle making offers me the very rewarding process of making something functional with my hands from start to finish. I love developing new scent combinations and experiencing the way they fill a room.

Candles also help create a very calm and inviting atmosphere, something I love to use for entertaining and for de-stressing. 

Scandinavian Greeting Card


As a full-service custom design studio, I work with clients on branding and marketing projects that allow me to push my creativity while providing a valuable service that enables them to communicate effectively with their audience.

Designing my own stationery line allows me a creative outlet where I can explore ideas and illustrations that I am personally excited about. I use traditional Scandinavian folk art elements in my work and also draw inspiration from nature, flowers, the outdoors and travel.


Wholesale Available

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