New Year, New Potting Shed

We have on old shed behind our house that I had previously named the "Art Bar." For years it had been filled with eclectic artwork, paintings, lamps, chairs and vintage bar items. I originally set it up as a painting studio and hang out but found that I rarely used it except for special occasions and it had become cluttered with decor that didn't have any real value or function. Since transitioning to running my business full time from home I have been making an effort to declutter, simplify and focus on function. One of my other hobbies outside of design and candle making is growing vegetable gardens, plants and flowers so I decided to turn it into a minimal potting shed/multipurpose space. It's open and bright and has plenty of space for potting, flower arranging, entertaining and anything else I can dream up. 


With the help of a friend I buit a simple potting table with 2x4s and wood boards from Lowes. We screwed the 2x4s into the existing structure of the shed as a base for the table. We also created small shelves for holding a few decor items.


I put a waterproof, matte varnish on the wood boards so that I can easily wipe off dirt and water from planting.


I hung a couple vintage shop lights to provide extra light while working at night.


I wanted some sort of sink for rinsing dirt off my hands and a water source to water the plants. My solution was this vintage water jug and a metal pail. The water collects in the pail which I can then use to water our outdoor plants.


We love (trying to) grow our own food and have a garden at home as well as a small plot we rent yearly at the Fullerton Arboretum community gardens.


The design included simple shelves for displaying my vintage bottle collection. I like to put fresh or dried flowers in them and place them around the house.


This vintage radio works and is perfect for adding a little life to the workspace.  


Vintage gardening books from a local estate sale in Fullerton.


Although the space is now a potting shed there is a corner to sit and relax, read or entertain with vintage diner chairs and a bar cart.


The cabinet holds a collection of vintage glasses for entertaining and vases for flower arranging.


I love to draw inspiration from the colors and textures of plants and flowers and am glad I have a new space where I will get to spend more time creating with them :)

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